Data Type

Explanation and Compatibility

The main data type is a fixed length string with binary data. Length in bytes can be arbitrary but in binary operations both arguments must be of the same length.

Strings contain integers in binary little endian form. It is interoperable with GMP and brick/math like so:


$u = \Arokettu\Unsigned\from_int(123, 16);

var_dump(gmp_import($u, 1, GMP_LITTLE_ENDIAN | GMP_LSW_FIRST)); // 123
    strrev($u), // brick/math is big endian
    false       // arokettu/unsigned is always unsigned
)); // 123

PHP Operators

Bitwise operators (except for shifts) work on strings and this was the main idea behind this library.


$a = from_int(0b1111000011110000, 3);
$b = from_int(0b1100110011001100, 3);

var_dump(decbin(to_int($a | $b))); // 1111110011111100
var_dump(decbin(to_int($a & $b))); // 1100000011000000
var_dump(decbin(to_int($a ^ $b))); // 0011110000111100, strings must have same length
var_dump(decbin(to_int(~$a))); // 111111110000111100001111