Upgrade Notes#

Upgrade from 2.x to 3.x#

Main breaking changes:

  • Required PHP version was bumped to 8.1. Upgrade your interpreter.

  • Decoding:

    • Removed deprecated options: dictionaryType (use dictType), useGMP (use bigInt: Bencode\BigInt::GMP)

    • Bencode\BigInt and Bencode\Collection are now enums, therefore dictType, listType, bigInt params no longer accept bare string values (like 'array' or 'object' or 'gmp'). If you use constants, nothing will change for you.

  • Encoding:

    • Traversables no longer become dictionaries by default. You need to wrap them with DictType.

    • Stringables no longer become strings by default. Use useStringable: true to return old behavior.

    • Bencode::dump($filename, $data) became Bencode::dump($data, $filename) for consistency with streams.

      // Use Encoder object in 1.7+/2.7+/3.0+:
      $success = (new \SandFox\Bencode\Encoder([...$optionsHere]))->dump($data, $filename);
      // Or use named parameters in PHP 8.0+:
      $success = \SandFox\Bencode\Bencode::dump(
          data: $data,
          filename: $filename,
    • bencodeSerialize now declares mixed return type.

Upgrade from 1.x to 2.x#

Main breaking changes:

  • Required PHP version was bumped to 8.0. Upgrade your interpreter.

  • Legacy namespace SandFoxMe was removed. You should search and replace SandFoxMe\Bencode with SandFox\Bencode in your code if you haven’t done it already.